Tribe Side/Center In-Wall

Harmony And Definition

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Tribe Series and immerse the listener in a totally realistic 3D sonic experience, the Tribe Side/Center In-Wall brings harmony and definition to the majestic Tribe in-Wall/In-Ceiling sound.

To achieve an even more sublime sound, the Tribe In-Wall/In-Ceiling and Tribe Side/Center In-Wall system can be powered by the awesome Tribe Sub In-Wall. For a complete 3D surround experience, we recommend the Tribe surround system or the In-Wall/On-Wall surround system if you prefer a complete invisible system



Design features
– One-piece construction with high-quality painted back box

– Anodized aluminum front frame

– One-step paintable neodymium-activated aluminum grills

– Even-tension high-torque wall clamps

Technical features

– Easy impedance 6-ohm load

– Bi-wire gold-plated terminals

– Rear-wire management channels

– Neodymium-activated long-throw woofers

– Dual-stage passive radiators

– Extreme-quality hard-wired crossover

– 110 dB peak from pair, 90 dB efficiency